Saturday, 8 September 2012

The back ache is back!

Before I was diagnosed, over 2 years ago now, I suffered from severe back aches. The pain was so bad at times that I could barely walk, and if I needed to sneeze I would hold onto a lamp post or kneel down! This had been with me for several years and specialists said that it was simply disc degeneration, all part of the ageing process!
After surgery, as if by some miracle, this pain dissapeared. I was able to run again, it just wasn't there anymore and I even started playing badminton. I joked at the time that had I realised the back pain would go, they could have had my prostate gland years ago!
Last week, very suddenly and for no apparent reason, the pain came back. It was the same pain, like an evil old friend returning, just as bad and it won't go away. I often thought that during the surgery, because my body was elevated and the pressure on my spine relieved for over 6 hours, that something had just clicked back into place. Surely it wasn't the cancer causing this pain because my bone scan was clear?
Funny thing is, by hanging from the balcony and allowing my spine to stretch out with the weight of my body, the pain goes away instantly and doesn't return for hours. I warn Beverley before I do this, after all, finding your partner 'hanging' around the house can give cause for concern! It doesn't hurt at all during the night, but getting up in the morning is fairly hellish.
I'm not due a PSA test until December, but just to be on the safe side I am asking for one next week. If it's clear then great, I know that I have a back problem to deal with again. If it's not, then at least I won't be giving anything another 3 months to develop.

Anyone else had similar back trouble before or after surgery?

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