Thursday, 25 April 2013

MRI result...

Just had a call from the surgery to tell me that my MRI scan on the lower spine showed no cancer! It was always a worry as that's often the first area of spread, and even with a zero PSA 6 months ago, there's always the negative thoughts. So Monday I go and have my 2.5 year PSA followed by a chat with the doctor to see what is exactly wrong with my back. The receptionist says it's a long detailed report and there's little bits all over the place, so hopefully my chiropractor can shake and pull me back into position :-)
 I've just handed in my final essay of 3rd year at Uni so I am very happy that I don't have to reference anything for a very long time! 5 months now to catch up on family, have a shower, do some DIY, go on holiday and all the other stuff that's been on hold.

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