Saturday, 5 February 2011

When I went out this morning to post my brother Paul's birthday card, my mind was on other things. As it slipped from my hand, into the letter box, and before the muffled 'clunk', I realised that I had forgot to put the stamp on! Will it get there? Not sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL and many more mate!!!

I was thinking of the letter from Addenbrookes, which arrived this morning, because seeing it for the first time, in black & white, I began for the first time to realise just how lucky I had been. I have copied it in below.............

Oh but before I forget, this is why I live in Cumbria ........

Fantastic and I might just frame this. When I was diagnosed on 18th June last year, this would have been the 'dream ticket' that I would have hoped for, and here it was. Better than a letter from your first girl friend, better than receiving your driving test pass certificate or your negative chlamydia result!

Thursday I went to Radio Cumbria to record more excerpts from my Blog. It is going out on 95.6FM, 96.1FM and 104.1FM every day, Monday to Friday next week, at 9.45am and 5.45pm. Then I am interviewed at 1010am on Friday morning. This is great because even if one person decides to have their PSA checked, after hearing me talk about it, then it will have been worth it.

Six Nations Rugby - the first match was last night. England beat Wales in an amazingly aggressive performance. Can't wait to get up to the Scotland v Ireland match later this month and meet up with Chaz again. I know Ireland will win, and the party before will be a riot! I never experience anything like the build up to an International rugby match. It's a day when both sides of supporters sing and dance, joke and drink, without a hint of trouble. Some of my best times ever have been at these games..... 

You know, I used to like Oak trees! Some of my best memories have been either climbing up, falling out of, or laying under them. Not anymore! After doing a 2000 word essay on, 'Identifying species of Oak, using only their leaf characteristics', they don't push my buttons anymore!. Did you know that ....... Q. Robur grows in wetter and more alkaline habitats, whereas Q. Petraea is more drought resistant. (Muir et al., 2000)   Ahhhrrgghhhhh...give me Pine every time!

We are now in the year of 'The Rabbit'! This is very good, because I was not only born in the year of the Metal Rabbit (1951), but 2011 is the first time that the Metal Rabbit has come around again! The next time will be when I am 120 years old, by which time, incontinence will probably be the least of my problems! Think I'll celebrate this year! Have you looked up your Chinese animal and element? You could be a Wooden Ox, a Fire Sheep or a Water Rooster! But could you live with not being something as cool as a 'Metal Rabbit'?

I am also a Sagittarian and proud of it.......
Sagittarius is the sign of the zodiac mainly concerned with philosophy, higher education and global thinking. It is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, benevolence and luck/fortune. Individuals who have a strong Sagittarian influence are typically interested in expanding their horizons through traveling abroad, learning foreign languages, or immersing themselves in unique cultures. These individuals thrive on higher education; once they find a subject(s) they’re passionate about, they will search relentlessly for more answers and more information to build on what they know. They are also fond of ethics, as it appeals to their philosophical nature and is a subject that is so contextually dependent that they’re skilled at being flexible in applying sound philosophical observations to complex situations.

Because Sagittarius is a mutable sign, they are generally very adaptable philosophically because they seek to understand the world from a higher perspective and are perspicacious in finding higher meanings through their varied encounters. They tend to be optimistic and have a great capacity for faith, as it is this good-natured faith that usually plays into their fortunate endeavors. They are not usually known for their reliability (unless they also have a significant Capricorn influence) because their attentions have a tendency to be scattered.
Sagittarius is a fire sign, which imparts a fiery enthusiasm that shows through their (blunt) sincerity, honest convictions, and drive for independence. They enjoy adventures and are partial to the great outdoors.

Mmmm! Well most of it fits :-)

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