Sunday, 28 August 2011

This Blog is over a year old now, over 120,000 words written and 20,000 hits from all over the World. I have to ask, what do I do with it now?

When I first started, it was a 'lifline' to me, a place that I could go at the end of each day to release my feelings. At that time, I thought I was dying and wanted to leave a little bit about myself for those closest to me. (it taught me who was!) I can look back and laugh about that now, but it was true!

The Blog then became something that many followed who were in a similar position to me, but several months behind, so that they could get an idea of what was going to happen to them. It features on many charity websites still and people still make contact with me, especially when they are first diagnosed.

Evolving again, it became a 'campaining tool' when the NHS decided that they wanted to shut me up, and as a result we have have made vast improvements at our local hospital. During that time, the publicity created via national press and television, raised awareness of Prostate Cancer throughout the UK.

Is it something that should now die a natural death, giving it all a rest while I carry on with my degree for another 2 years?

I know that I need a break from 'cancer', it has taken over my life for the past year and now that I'm possibly cured, should I just do a big 'THE END' sign and close the door on it all?

Is there anyone out there still listening? Well, apart from the NHS monitor team :-)

Below are some photos on location with the BBC's 'The One Show'. What a beautiful day with such fantastically great people; an experience that I will never forget!

Liz (Producer) Colin (Cameraman)

Ullswater from Martindale


Liz, Joe (Presenter) & Colin

Me with the Camera of my dreams!

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  1. The Blog served everyone well, it seems. When you can say that "there will be no complacency in the hospital for a good while", I think your Blog has broken all records! It was nice to meet you Daniel, and to have associated with, and supported I hope, such a deserving case. Well done indeed!


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