Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cornwall day 10

Snooker 3 - 0 to the Yorkshire / Irish and 3 to play!!

Down to the rocks at that funny sounding place again this morning, so easy to climb when they are dry. After about an hour, the heavens opened and there was no getting shelter fast enough. I had the feeling that every living thing on the reef was laughing at me as I slipped and stumbled, finally slithering down the final slope on my arse, hoping nobody was looking. 

Good news in that we can present our projects tomorrow and then we can all disappear home on Friday morning. I love Cornwall, I really do, but I love Beverley's cooking better! 

Once a predator now a victim



Lone limpet

Anemone mouth (the white bits are grains of sand)

 Just had Thai fishcake for dinner, I think that they are the far eastern equivalent of our sausages. Any tails, eyes, skin, bone gut, etc. left over from the fish gets put through a massive grinder, then under pressure, out pops a load of fish cakes. Neat trick, made all the more authentic by the chinese looking chef who says, "I make myself", which I'm sure he does! Probably won't eat seafood for a while after this week, I've become almost related to it in a strange sort of way.

So the 'giver of life' continues to hurtle down from the sky, as we continue our editing, looking forward to 9 p.m. when we can justify a game of snooker or two before bed time.

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