Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Expedition Romania Day 1

Leaving home in half an hour for our 4 day drive which will take us to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. I don't know if I will be able to Blog every day but will do my best, and when I can't I'll play catch up. We sleep at a campsite near Dover tonight and catch the 6am ferry. Germany the night after, then Austria and then Hungary. We pick Ashley up at Bucharest airport early Friday afternoon before heading out into the wilds.

First stop today is up at our University where will have photos taken, wearing the t-shirts of the Prostate Cancer Charity. The story has already been covered in our local press, hopefully this story can be pushed by the charity. If one life is saved because it nudged some man over 50 to go and have his PSA checked, then our journey will be worth it. Caught early enough, this disease can be treated. Do your bit by thinking of all the men in your life who are over 50 and ask them if they have had this simple PSA blood test. Yep they might think you're nagging, but don't worry about that, you could be saving their life!! I had no symptoms when I was diagnosed so don't be fooled by that. Don't ignore this message, you could live to regret it!

I'll miss Beverley and all my kids massively when I'm away, but the homecoming will be well worth it and I hope to see all of you sometime in June xxxxx

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