Monday, 7 April 2014

My film: 'Juniper in the Cumbrian Fells'

If you are interested in 'Juniper' then you might like the training film I've just made for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, 'Juniper in the Cumbrian Fells'. If you're not, then look and learn :-) The film was made as part of my final module for a BA hons degree in Wildlife & Media. I graduate this July if I'm in England, which is unlikely. The University of Cumbria have been very flexible, saying that I can graduate the next time I'm in England in the month of July. Now I've just landed my first little job filming. After a quickie 2 minute movie I made when I went air-boating recently, AirboatAfrika have asked me to go out with their wedding, corporate and birthday parties to do short movies, selling to the punters. Now there's excitement :-) 

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