Thursday, 10 July 2014

Links to Han, Partin and other risk calculators...

Han tables

The Han tables correlate the three common factors known about a man’s prostate cancer, PSA level, Gleason score, and clinical stage (or pathological stage). While The Partin Tables are used to predict pathological stage, the Han Tables are used to predict the probability of prostate cancer recurrence up to 10 years following surgery. Based on the result of the probability of recurrence, men and their doctors can decide the best course of treatment after surgery. 

Partin tables

The Partin tables use clinical features of prostate cancer - Gleason score, serum PSA and clinical stage - to predict whether the tumour will be confined to the prostate. The tables are based on the accumulated experience of urologists performing radical prostectomy at the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute. For decades, urologists around the world have relied on the tables for counselling patients preoperatively and for surgical planning.

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