Thursday, 23 October 2014

I've just found my mother who died nearly a year ago...

Sound like a strange headline? Events have been like a script from the Simpsons since my Mum died last year...

Not being very close to my sister Jacqueline, when my mother died, it was always going to be difficult, but I could never have guessed how so!
As my mother had appointed my brother Paul and I as joint executors, it was our job to make sure my mother's affairs were dealt with honestly when she died. However, my sister had other plans, and long before our mother died. These were very secretive plans, nobody was to know, but they were hatched when she found that my mother had divided her estate equally between all four of her children.  
11 months later, I'm still waiting for either my mother's bank or my sister to produce a single piece of evidence relating to the systematic pillaging of her account in the year before her death. Even a plausible explanation as to how my mother managed to spend over £100 in Tesco's while in a coma  a week before she died?  
One of my daughters has found from the undertakers that a memorial service took place for my mum on 14th March. She asked my brother Paul and sister Jacqueline where her Grandmother's ashes were interned, and bizarrely they wouldn't tell her. So we now know that she is at Kirby Cross Cemetery, section KL128, but no other details. Don't worry mum, we're still on the case!
The next thing is to try and get a photo of the memorial stone to see what's on it, because yes, my daughter couldn't get that information from my brother or sister, and the undertakers said they were unable to supply it. If you live near Kirby Cross Cemetery and have a camera, please contact me.

A few week to go until my '4 year' PSA and it's exactly the same feeling as the other 8 PSA's since surgery. Statistically the odds are excellent with only a 5% chance of recurrence, so I shouldn't worry too much. 

Alvin Stardust has just died aged 72 with metastatic prostate cancer. Can't help wondering how long ago he developed that, maybe 15-20 years ago. It's such an unpredictable disease, slow in some, fast in others.

The clocks change by an hour in the UK this weekend, giving an extra hours sleep to everyone. It means that we will then be 2 hours ahead of the UK here in South Africa. 

Tuesday afternoons have become a regular cinema time for us here. All the latest films in luxury cinemas with plenty of leg room. On Tuesdays you get 2 for the price of one, so including all popcorn, drinks and admission we still get change from £5.

We play a lot of golf now also, maybe 2 or 3 time a week! We have our official handicaps which are both the same on '36'. How bad is that? We go around the course on about double the shots that a professional takes, but we have only been playing for 6 months. The course is just packed with reed beds, streams and lakes so it's common to see an amazing variety of wild water birds and insects that look straight out of a disney cartoon. I'll miss that when (if) I go back to England. We both love playing on that course and we have plenty of laughs on the way round.

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