Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How safe is your blog?

How safe is your blog? 

It’s NOT!

You could wake up tomorrow and find it gone. Why? You only have to research on-line to see how many blogs simply disappear. It could have been hacked; someone in far away cyber space could have ‘accidentally’ deleted it and you may never find out who or why. Someone might be annoyed with something you’ve said and persuaded Google (or other host site) to remove it. This is rare because as long as you haven’t printed their address, bank details, phone number or other intimate information, you are safe. Your site will never be taken down for simply mentioning someone by name and something they've done.  If what you said is true, then it would be up to them to prove otherwise.

What if someone has said something about you that you think to be inaccurate? Your best bet is to approach the person, company etc. in person and speak to them of your concerns. This happened to me twice, and on both occasions the information was taken down within days of the request.
Old blogs can sit there forever like abandoned steam trains in disused sidings. The older they get, the more likely you will never find the owner.

Back your blog up at least once a month

If you do this and it disappears, for whatever reason, you can re-launch it within minutes. You can even re-launch it on dozens of other sites, meaning only a major failure of the entire Internet could make it vanish. I’m in the process of duplicating all my blogs on ‘Wordpress’ for this very reason.

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