Thursday, 17 September 2015

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In your September Insights, we call on hospitals to end the patient lottery for access to new treatments, hear the moving personal stories of those organising a Lads Night In (including Robbie Savage), and meet the five brilliant new PhD students we're funding to continue our cutting edge lab research.

We've also got all the latest on how the Government's new cancer targets and the dropping of radium-223on the NHS impacts men with prostate cancer. And we talk to two extraordinary survivors: one about his record-breaking trek to the South Pole, the other his brave recollection of the suicidal thoughts he battled in the 24 hours following his diagnosis.

The 'golden opportunity' to speed up access to new treatments

After the Government’s Accelerated Access Review this week, we look at how the STAMPEDE trial could help herald the speedier adoption of new treatments by hospitals, and hear of the terrible human costs of delays in making early chemotherapy available to men with advanced prostate cancer.

Playing for the highest of stakes

More than 9,000 people are expected to be dealing their cards and donating their winnings as part of our Lads Night In poker fundraiser on 25 September. While it's all about having fun with your mates, for three game organisers – including former footballer Robbie Savage – there are more serious reasons for playing.

Meet our new PhD researchers

After another obscenely expensive football transfer window closes, we showcase the five new PhD students we've signed to Men United for just £500k, who will help continue our vital research into prostate cancer in labs across the UK.
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