Monday, 15 February 2016

CELTA, before, during and after...

Sandy Millin knows CELTA and her blog is outstanding. 
It says everything that I want to say and plenty more...

I was lucky enough to be at International House, Bangkok, where the whole training team exude professionalism.

Gary, Barry and Sze, we all owe you, BIG time. 
The banana cake was the crucial element that got me through :-)

My top 5 tips:

1. Warn your family and friends that you'll turn into something they may not recognise for a month, but assure them you will return, not straight away, but gradually in the weeks after. If you have a partner, a temporary separation would work.

2. Wipe your calendar clean for the month, and I mean totally clean!

3. Don't fall behind, ever, for any reason, it's not worth the pain of catching up.

4. Listen very careful to what your tutor tells you, they don't use any unnecessary words.

5. It's hard, but if you put the work in, the feeling at the end is euphoric! As Gladiator once said, "I don't know what's about to come through those gates, but I do know, we have a better chance if we fight together".

I'm happy to be contacted by anyone who's thinking of doing the CELTA, but believe me, the answer is on Sandy's blog...

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