Monday, 16 April 2018

Watching the NHS die will, one day, cost you your life!

The past week I've been suffering from vertigo and as it wasn't getting any better, I decided to play safe and see a specialist.
In the UK I would have made an appointment to see my doctor, maybe got to see him/her the week after if lucky, then they would have referred me; the whole process taking perhaps around 6-12 months; though if they suspected cancer it would be rushed through in 18-20 weeks; as I once was!

I went privately in Bangkok today, made the appointment at 8 am this morning, saw the specialist at 9 am and by 10.30 am was going home with the results of the tests and necessary meds. Just a build-up of calcium in the middle ear, nothing too serious, but could as easily been worse!
Total cost = £38.50
Which system would you prefer to be in? You won't have a choice soon in the UK because private medicine will be all that's left and unless you're wealthy, your life will one day end because you couldn't afford to live!

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