Saturday, 9 August 2014

Is there rabbit in 'Bunny Chow'?...

Had my first 'Bunny Chow' yesterday, loved it but couldn't finish. This dish can be just about anything, served in a hollowed out loaf, or half loaf of bread. You're supposed to eat it all, but after I'd finished the beef curry, there was no chance of eating the bread. Top quality food though and at less than £5 you can't go wrong!

Been in South Africa 9 months now and in theory, 3 months left to go because that's when our rental contract expires. But then what? Well either the work that we have will keep flowing and keep us here for a while, or we will head off to Jaipur in India come the end of November. Christmas in India? Never had such uncertainty in my life! My Dad used to say, "When your life becomes certain, end it". I prefer, 'change it'. 

Wish I could write stuff about what my kids are up to, but they have completely banned me from that. They don't want their private lives splattered all over the internet, which I understand. With my parents, everything was a secret, everything was private. "Don't tell the neighbours", my Mum would say, "What would they think?" As I grew older I realised that people have enough on their own plates without the triviality of thinking what I'm doing. But wouldn't it be nice to imagine that one day, if I had grandchildren, I could announce it on here and show a wee photo or two! 

I heard on the news that the UK will soon have everyone on 'super-fast broadband', with speeds of up to 80 Mb/s. Currently they are struggling with speeds as low as 12 Mb/s in some areas! Wow! I had to laugh because on average our download speed here rarely hits 2, is mainly below 1.5 Mb/s and often, it's just gone! We've got used to downloading films overnight so that we don't have to watch them live, and pausing to catch up for 3 minutes every 2 minutes. I think of it as 'African speed' because nothing happens fast here, and in general, I like that.

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