Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I had an E Mail today, to say that the Chief Exec of Eden District Council has appointed an Investigating Officer, to examine the conduct of the Planning Committee. Also, a letter of support from one of the Councillors who had voted to preserve the Tree. All this won't save the poor tree now, but it will certainly focus the thoughts of the Planning Committee, when they think of bundling future cases through without any regard for local opinion.

Today, we all piled into mini buses and went up to Carlisle for a tour of the Photography and Filming Complex. It was amazing! I won't bore you to death but the media facilities were like a mini visit to the BBC. At lunch time, Paul and I met up with Julie, Denise, Jean, Lucy, Nikki and Matt from last year; great to swap stories, have a laugh and catch up. Then it was back to Penrith for the rest of the day. The afternoon was a bit of a killer, with 'Understanding Referencing'; but followed by a lecture on 'Lyme Disease', which was very interesting and had us all scratching. I'll certainly check myself after every walk in the countryside!

Tomorrow we are at a bird reserve all day, so the telephoto lens is definitely on the list of things to take, along with the packed lunch. I wonder if birds know that we have reserves just for them, or if they just randomly fly into them, wondering why the people are all hiding in little sheds, peeping out at them. Two of our group both have the name Carla and there's also a Carly, so they are my newly learnt names for today; just 16 to go!

I can smell the curry wafting up the stairs, Beverley must have taken lessons in Calcutta, because her curries are far better than the local Indian. Mango Chutney at the ready........

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