Friday, 29 July 2011

On reading this article in the Telegraph this morning, perhaps you can see what we are up against. Whilst billions of pounds are put aside to bail out the banking system and to continue to pay their massive bonuses, our NHS patients are deliberately being left to die? YES! My operation cost £20,000. If it had been delayed by another few months (I waited 4 months in Carlisle) and spread, the cost to the NHS would have been about £150 a year in tablets to control the disease, or if I could have afforded to go privately then it would have cost them nothing. The big WIN for the Government is when you die! Then not only do you cost them nothing more in health bills, your family pay to bury you, the government collect the inheritance tax and you don't get any more pension payments. Win, win, win & win!!!!

As a country, we can afford to launch missiles on Libya at £500,000 a time, and the cost of a single Tornado sortie, £30,000 on fuel alone, whether it attacks or not. When are the public in this country going to wake up and smell the accountants? Our doctors and nurses haven't got a hope of carrying out their duties; like us they are puppets in a game where, apart from the wealthy, we all lose.

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  1. Right on Daniel. We must all keep talking about this and letting others hear it, because sooner or later it will become the biggest thing in our lives. Write it on every wall or the bosses will go back to having us moaning about single mums, or immigrants, or dangerous dogs, or family values, or dole scroungers, anything but what they are doing with the money we set aside for the sick & the blind.


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