Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A lot has happened today but having a tooth extracted was not the best part...ouch! I can tell you, Scotch eggs are BAD for you and this one was from Cranston's! I doubt whatever I bit into came from a chicken or a pig, more likely a quarry!

Channel 4 news have been in touch today and it's back on the BBC Radio Cumbria morning show this coming Monday.

My favourite message sent today, I've copied in below. It's worrying because that is exactly how I feel. You can't help how you, feel can you? It's an amalgamation of feelings all rolled into one, based on your life experiences. What do you think...

"Be careful with the poker players you will meet on Friday 29th. Their ties, Rolex watches, seriously concerned expressions and caring smiles mean little. Their one aim is to get back to their normal salaried lifestyle and consign you to history. They will try very hard to send you away with just a lucky bag of empty promises, and they have a lot of experience in doing just that. You have done them a lot of damage and they will still see YOU as the problem, NOT their own shortcomings".


  1. Let them monitor that!

  2. Anonymous14 July, 2011

    That message was/is spot on, Daniel. To many of us you are a hero, but to them you are an appalling nuisance and a potential threat. They will fight hard to preserve the status quo that suits them so well - of that there's no doubt at all. Be prepared for some anodyne and high-sounding "proposals" that mean absolutely nowt.

  3. Anonymous14 July, 2011

    Do you know whether their lawyers will attend the meeting? If so, will you be happy with that? To avoid traps, it would be better to insist on a one-to-one meeting, I should have thought, with no lawyers present on either side. Best of luck!

  4. Remember you are not going alone. Carry the bearing of an elected President. You will be there to represent a great many supporters who have chosen you to speak for them. They represent no-one but themselves now; even their staff have deserted them. You should wear a Superman outfit to show that you have won all the preceding bouts! If they fall just once more when the whole media world is watching....who knows? Thinking about that, I realise that it is not you who has to be careful; you have earned the right to make demands of them. Best wishes from myself and six of my friends.

  5. Show no mercy....They would have been happier if you were now just a statistic!


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