Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Latest news.... I have a meeting with representatives of the North Cumbria NHS Trust on Friday 29th July. I have sent them my own 'suggested action plan' ahead of this meeting. As you may remember, their original action plan was considered inadequate by both myself and the majority of other members of the North Cumbria Prostate Cancer Support Group. They had taken 7 months to produce their original plan and it was because of lack of progress that we decided to demonstrate outside the Cumberland Royal Infirmary last Monday. I hope that progress can be made at this meeting to ensure a better experience for all newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients at this hospital.

I have also heard from the CEO of the Prostate Cancer Charity who is very keen to set up a meeting before the month end with myself and others who are actively campaigning on behalf of men with prostate cancer throughout the UK. Thank you for sticking with us everyone!

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