Monday, 18 July 2011

Links to BBC Radio Cumbria today.

News item concerning the  local NHS Trust's £3,000,000 spent on legal fees and relating back to the legal letter sent to me.

Live on the Ian Timm's show at BBC Radio Cumbria today.

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  1. Anonymous23 July, 2011

    Sensible comment is made impossible by the furtive presence on the blog of spies working for a firm of highly trained, and highly paid, libel lawyers (a state of affairs that vividly reminds one of the German Democratic Republic during the heyday of the Stasi).

    But at the risk of being extradited from Italy and being clapped in jail for expressing an opinion of my own, I thought BBC Cumbria did a very good job (as you did, too, Daniel), and that the broadcast(s) raised some fundamental and disturbing questions relating to hospital and NHS Trust management in Britain - questions that I don't dare spell out for fear of savage retribution, but that are starkly obvious to any intelligent and unbiased listener.

    Sounds to me like a case for root-and-branch reform. In the meantime, can hospitals be brought within David Cameron's Big Society, or are are they too important and powerful for that sort of thing? And whatever happened to freedom of speech in Britain - and, for that matter, local democracy?


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