Friday, 9 July 2010

My MRI results are available now at the Cumbria Royal Infirmary. I haven't phoned because I don't really want to know them until I come back from holiday on Monday 26th. I look at it this way- If they were good, then it would just mean surgery, and I could have a fantastic holiday. However, if they are not so good, I would have no link to professional advice for 2 weeks and my holiday would be awful. This way, ignorance is bliss and I can really enjoy the next 2 weeks, putting it all in a special closed box in my mind.
Would you do it differently?

Well, the battle to save the pine tree hots up. The council have now put a preservation order on it, making it a criminal offence for anyone to harm it; that is until a decision is made by the planning committee. I will be able to state my objections, the other side will put their reasons for wanting to kill it, and if it is Sainsbury's, I will surely lose! (If you live in Penrith, that will mean something to you)

Beverley's last day of term, she came home with an armful of presents from the kids and parents; a very emotional day. Wish I had started life with a teacher like her; she builds something magic into them which will instinctively guide them forever. What a gem!

My Mother is the only person who doesn't know of my condition; she has health problems of her own and nobody thinks it a good idea to land it on her. I go along with that; she would think prostate cancer was something you get whist lying down in a reverential position!

I had just started setting up a web site last month, as I need to have one before I start my degree. I've only put a few hours work into it so far, nowhere near finished. I called it 'Cumbria Camera'; amazed that the name was available on Google! I offered to do 'anything at a price'. Today I got three enquiries; blimey I couldn't believe it. I passed them all onto the camera shop in town who were very grateful; especially getting them free. May be onto something with this!

An invitation came today from my daughter Sofia's school, for her annual review on September 13th. She has done so well at school this year and I am really looking forward to going. Did you know, I believed in Father Christmas until I was 12; it was great, then he stopped coming!

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  1. Hey Daniel, I tried several times last night to post on your blog but I kept getting the password incorrect, I was getting cross as I typed out my message so many times. Hannah and I laughed and laughed, as if she was your daughter and I was your ex girlfriend...the funny thing would have been if the guy you let go in front had ordered 20 fish suppers instead of 2!! The funny thing was that as I was talking to you in the chippy the food became less and less important....Have a great holiday. Love Di xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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