Friday, 23 July 2010

On 15th July, my consultant went on video link with the consultant radiologist from Carlisle and other specialists, including surgeons from the cancer unit at the Newcastle Freeman Hospital. Their task is to decide the best possible advice to give me after looking at my MRI scan results. This is great because a team and not just one person are now looking after me. My consultant will now call me in sometime soon to tell me what is going to happen next. Sasha and Lucienne, two of my daughters have both tried without success to find out when this appointment will be, just so I could be better prepared when I land back in the UK on Monday.
Not having any luck, I telephoned my consultants secretary today. She told me in a very cheerful voice that my appointment had not been scheduled yet, and that it will arrive in the post sometime soon. It was said so casually that I felt very lifted when I came off the phone; after all, if it were really bad stuff, wouldn’t they want to see me a bit more urgently? The mind plays tricks all the time; you not only hang on every word but how it is delivered and the expression on the persons face. Yes, I know it’s illogical and crazy but you really can’t help it.

I was informed on the 18th June that I had Prostate Cancer and that was one of the biggest shocks I have ever had to cope with. However, the next appointment will probably be the most important and stressful day that I have ever lived. There are four possible scenarios, which I will go into in more depth nearer the appointment. Right now there is still everything to play for, and I intend to!

We arrive back in the UK very early on Monday morning, arriving home at about 6 a.m. and going straight to bed. Please don’t call before 4 p.m. Zzzzz Zzzzz!

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