Thursday, 1 July 2010

This Blog is fully searchable on Google now so hey, we're going international! I was like Diane, I didn't have a clue about blogs until this happened!
Another thing worth a mention...if I say anything personal or anything that anyone doesn't like, please contact me at and I can just edit it out, no questions asked. I am too open for comfort for some people, and I do appreciate that some people are more private than others; I never meen to offend.
Had a letter this morning from the Prostate Cancer Charity, I am now on their 'media list'. This meens that if a TV or Radio station, Newspaper, Magazine or other media outlet need anyone to interview, I am on the shortlist! Had plenty of experience with that when I made my Pub in Scotland, the first 'all no smoking pub', a year before the national ban came in.
Which reminds me...Congratulations to my daughter Lucienne, patches all over her, has given up the nasty habit!
In answer to a question..psa for advanced prostate cancer is usually up around 20 ish. Even then with moderrn treatments you can spin along for years. My psa was 4.2. Normal psa would be around 0 to 1 and even a 3 wouldn't get you examined. If you have a family history, ASK to be examined and don't be scared to ask, it could save your life, OK?
Thank you Sasha for the package that you sent today, I will have to find out if they are still valid :-)
Good luck Paul with progress on your journey mate! It'll work out young man!


  1. Good on you for keeping this blog up, Dad! If anyone is oppsed to it, then maybe they should be aking themselves why their opinion counts?! It's clearly not about anyone else but you :)...

    'you're so vain, I bet you think this BLOG is about you!'

    The package will arrive tomorrow before 1pm - it's not from Rachminden Branighan! xxx

  2. Ha Ha love it Sasha, you aint heard the last of Rachminden xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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