Friday, 13 August 2010

I read yesterday's blog this morning, blimey that was a down day and not for any obvious reason, maybe the radio active dye caused a few short circuits? I was back to laughing this morning when I said to Beverley,"great hey, the football season starts tomorrow"; to which she replied,"I hadn't really noticed it had finished!" I wasn't given any bad news yesterday but I sure made a lot up in my head. I will have to control how I process what is going on around me in a far more constructive and positive way.

Well that can start tonight because we have some lovely people coming around for what Beverley calls a 'swaray'! Well I looked it up in the 'Urban Dictionary' and sure enough it means 'a party', but it is spealt 'Soiree'; meaning, 'a group of people who gather in the evening for a party at a private house'. Spot on Beverley! Diane and Lee, Jenny and Ken, Ann, Ruth and her new guy, Karen and David, Sarah, Tony and their daughter Gemma, Minidaf and her partner...such a nice bunch of people, should be a great time.

I'm in charge of the drink and the music, all the easy jobs I know. Thank god for the I Pod and the Co-op delivery van. I still remember my co-op share number from the 60's, 43919. My mother would give me 2 shillings and then shout those words that still ring in my ears now. "Here, go and get me three quarters of mince and DON'T FORGET THE SHARE NUMBER!" She would then make me repeat it two or three times, but when I got to the co-op I was always distracted by something. When I got home she would say, "did you give them the share number?" I just said, "Yes". You know she could make anything with three quarters of mince, an egg and an onion! Money had to stretch far!

Sometimes my daughters ask me, "what do you think of my new boyfriend", and when you have 5 daughters that happens often. In the early days I would sometimes think that if you put 10 guys in a line up, they would pick the 'dick head' every time. Well the older ones are through that now but the younger two have a journey still to travel. As a young lad, I thought that all I had to do to pull the best girls was to be well dressed, polite, have nice aftershave and not drink too much. It wasn't until my daughters started dating that I realised how wrong I had always been. Top tips guys...Rip your clothes up before you put them on, wash once a week, swear plenty but remember to spit at the end of every sentence, body piercings help, especially if they are still bleeding, being pissed is good but drugs are better and most of all, don't smile! The rough guys get the best birds!

Best advice I could give my girls was ....."Watch how he treats complete strangers, especially those he may see as more unfortunate than himself. That is the true person he will become with you, as time goes by".

 I love this photo of my sister Jacqueline and her 'babies'. Most of them had no clothes, even eyes or arms missing, but she loved them all.


  1. Glad youre getting in the party mood & didnt let the grump at the hospital put you in a huff for the weekend ;)
    Dont get too drunk old man!! :-P

    Great photo of Jack - doesnt she look the double of Chantal when she was that age!!
    Love you xxx

  2. He He me drunk? I agree with the photo, when I am with Chantal she does look like Jaq! xxx

  3. Chantal was way cuter! :D xx


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