Saturday, 14 August 2010

The music stopped at 2.30 a.m. with just Diane and I still thinking we were connected to the mains. By then, Jenny had moved from under the coffee table to slither up beside Beverley on the sofa, whilst Lee slept on in the other chair, tactfully avoiding the action. What a great night! The food was a masterpiece from Beverley and we were still eating it for breakfast, along with 400mg of Ibuprofen each just to ease the pain inflicted as our minds tried to convince our bodies that we were still 18! Great to see Karen, David, Diane, Lee, Ann, Julie, John, Ruth, Nick, Jenny, Ken; the whole night just bubbled with laughter. I think I remember Ann organising a trip to Sharm El Sheikh for all the girls in March, and am I taking them all to the airport in a mini bus? Then did Karen suggest that there should be a Druid wedding in the woods, with all naked, and who were the backing singers going to be? I had so many dreams last night that I am not sure when they began and when reality left me. The sound of broken glass could be heard above the music occasionally and even the fridge magnets didn't escape. At one point, a moth flew over us, sticking as close to the kitchen ceiling as its wings would allow, tucking its tiny legs in tight to its body. I was imagining the scene that it could see below as it tried to decide which, if any escape route was available.

The tree! Remember that tree? Well we have to be prepared to lose this one, but not wanting to go down without a scream, I wrote to the local paper and they published my letter in this weeks Herald. I've pasted it below.

The Premier League has just kicked off with Spurs & City, so I guess I should be shouting for Julie's team, City, but my other friend Man U Dave can't stand City so what do I do? I don't want Spurs to win, well you wouldn't, would you?

There is a big Protestant march in Belfast today, where the loyalists exercise their right to march through a Catholic area with pipes & drums playing and banners waving. Yes, part of the daily confirmation that the world is still mad!

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  1. Daniel - how fab did we think we were at singing and dancig.................scary. I have to admit I too needed the aid of a magic pill to bring me back to life. Fab night, loved it. THANK YO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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