Thursday, 12 August 2010

I was injected with radioactive dye at about 12 noon today by a very cheery Irish nurse. I thought that might bring me some good luck and she did say, with a smile on her face, "it has been blessed". That was a happy start to the day, and it is so easy to make or break the day of other people just by how you treat them. We went to buy some bedding then and had fish & chips for lunch before heading back for the scan. I knew from the statistics that I had read yesterday that my chances of a good result were high. The radiology nurse was great, apologising for missing me off the list and putting someone ahead of me. Have you noticed, it happens all the time to me? The guy doing the scan was so bloody miserable, he hardly talked and didn't even change the paper towel lining on the scan bed which clearly still held the imprint of the last patient. He told me to lay on the scanner bed, "no not there, further up" he grunted. Of course I was used to having a bone scan, I have one every morning just before breakfast. He moved the scanner backwards and forwards with no explanation of what he was doing, even trapping my arm at one point. When the scanner was lowered down towards my head, just before it touched my nose, I physically stopped it with my hand. I didn't know it was going to stop, nobody was talking to me! "What are you doing?" he said, I didn't even reply, I was just annoyed at being treated like a suitcase in an airport x ray machine. "Have you ever had a fracture to your ribs?" "No, not that I can remember" I replied. "Lay on your side, I will need to scan you from the side" he grumped. I turned on my side and the scanner revolved, once again trapping my arm. He then said I could go and told me that the results would be sent to my consultant within 24 hours. Pretty irrelevant because I don't see my consultant for 12 days. So all in all a fairly low day even though Beverley tried her best to cheer me up, and is making some lovely dinner right now from the smells wafting up the stairs. Curry I think, she makes them better than a girl from Calcutta and she's from Barnsley!

Then the IT trainer Jason came around at 4pm to give me 2 of my 15 hours training arranged by the DSA through the University. A nice guy, he first went through the dictaphone with me before moving onto 'Word' on my Apple Mac. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable with this package but soon realised that I had only touched the surface; there is so much more to it. That will keep me occupied for the next week and more.

Had a nice message from Man U Dave on my phone at the hospital and my good old brother Paul called to see how I was. Total credit to Sasha for E Mailing the family with her 'wishes after death'; though still not sure how we can cremate her without damaging her eyes! She's only a young girl but it made me feel like that guy in the film who was having chemo. When all his hair fell out, everyone in his class shaved their heads also. Yes, I know I am not having chemo but you can see the allegiance that Sasha was portraying. Have also been in contact with Chantal and Lucienne over the past few days; I know it's worrying times and it's good to have so much support, but I do see this working out well very soon. I will be happy when this waiting game is over, so instead of just hearing the breathing, I'll know exactly what is waiting behind that door!

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  1. what a great word DICTOPHONE wander who drumt that one up. all the best big boy


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