Friday, 27 August 2010

SASHA PAST HER DRIVING TEST YESTERDAY YEEEHAAA!!!!!!!!!! I've heard some happy chuckles out of that girl in the past 28 years but she was walking on the ceiling last night.
She is going to drive herself and Chantal to visit me at Addenbrookes Hospital. With Radio Cumbria now following the story, I have visions of waking up in the intensive care unit with a big fluffy microphone waiting to catch my first words after the operation; whilst Sasha and Chantal argue in the corner over whose fault it was that she crashed into the ambulance on the way in! 

What a great day today up at Radio Cumbria with Steve. Beverley and I went up together and got there at noon. Steve is a really nice guy and made us feel very relaxed and welcome. First we got shown around the station and then we went into one of recording studios. When I sat down in front of all those switches, buttons and lights, I was on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. Warp factor 7, hit the gas Scotty! Once Steve had set up the volumes I had ten selected sections of my blog to read out. I felt a bit nervous at first but soon relaxed into it. They will go out on air over the next two weeks on the evening show. The idea then will be to follow it through and in about 2 weeks time, I will get to go live on the morning show! The blog will get mentioned every time it is aired so we can get plenty of publicity. Hopefully by then I will have made some good contacts who can help me to put some 'help' links on the blog. There will be two going out on Tuesday at 1745 & 1845 then Wed Thu & Fri at 1745. Then the following week, as there is no Bank Holiday you can catch it Monday to Friday at 1745. If you miss it you can catch it again on the iplayer...BBC.CO.UK/CUMBRIA then click on 'listen again', selecting the Ian Timm's show.

It was during all this process that Steve said to Beverley, "how do you fancy being on the radio yourself?" She stared in horror, thinking he must be joking! He wasn't!
He went on to explain that there is an afternoon show where they get 'Cumbrian Folk' on air, and ask them about themselves and what they do, in a sort of comical light hearted programme. Then Beverley will get her favourite piece of music played. Oh she hated the thought at first but warmed to it within about 15 seconds; she wasn't going to let me be the only 'Radio Star' in the house! She will be on in about two weeks but watch this space for time and date.

Lucienne and I wanted to see how near I could put my finger to a fly before it took off. We often play this game when we are bored in a field. Nice photo Luci and thanks for doing my finger up a bit on Photoshop before sending it. I actually touched the fly which I am claiming as a world record!

Tonight we head up to Ann and Alan's for a BBQ and a little drink...or two...or ???


  1. Brilliant on the radio stuff!! .. and great that theres a link on the net for those of us who cant pick up Radio Cumbria! lol :)

    The fly pic is great eh! :-D .. i remember how much we laughed when you nudged it and it just kinda bumped to the side a bit & turned to look at your finger.. like 'what the hell?!'haha .. Shame you cant link it to a bigger sized photo so we can see it up close! great day out.. lovely to see you & especially after the positive news! Love you lots old man ;) xxxx

  2. Hi Daniel, Loving all the positive news recently. You look just like a real radio DJ!!!! I can't wait to hear what Bev gets up to on the radio too. Keep smiling. Love Di xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. radio goo goo radio gaa gaa well done big boy


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