Thursday, 5 August 2010

Very contrasting day yesterday but great fun. First we paid a visit to Jean and John who think they have a garden but actually, it's a small safari park! Without sat nav I would still be searching for their lovely place which you would only normally find by accident. Lovely surprise to find Julie there and we all managed to chat for hours over tea and biscuits. Beverley is the only person I know who always gets there before the time stated on the sat nav, satellites finding it difficult to keep pace with her!

In the evening we met up with Ann again, sharing a mezze with Zoran from Serbia and Jo from Slovenia. Such a funny evening, you wouldn't think that ten years ago our country was bombing theirs, whilst they fought each other. It proved to me again that people don't make war happen, that's nearly always down to governments, in the interests of big business.

I think, I have decided to press on with the degree regardless of my treatment coming up. Not influenced one jot by the huge pot of money that student finance have outlined for me in the post this morning :-) What the hell, I may only scrape through the first year by the seat of my pants but with luck, I will have two years more to make good.

I can never remember Diane's daughters name, in-fact, when I look in shop windows, I rarely recognise my own reflection! So as she walked towards me in town today, I could see her half smiling, so I smiled back. She said hello, so from that prompt I thought, 'I must know her' and I said "hello". As she walked on, I said to Beverley, "who was that", she said,"Diane's daughter", "damn" I said, I didn't recognise her last time either! (Next time, just run up and slap me please!)

Had a nice walk through town this morning, Beverley knows so many people that progress is always slow; but it's great to have so many friends, don't you think? I have travelled so much during my life that I have lost as many friends as I have made, but I am often stopped by people in distant places, who say "Hi, remember me?" Of course I say "of course", hoping that in the coming exchange, something will prompt me to realise who they are. It's nothing to do with age, the 'recognition tool' in my box has always been the least sharp!

A lovely message from Jan today, also from Linda O yesterday. Had a wee chat with my no.4 daughter Maria on Facebook, as you do, and a nice call from no.3 Sasha, who is back in her home territory up in Glasvegas!

Another strange set of spots appeared on my inside leg a few days ago. Well the last one's went eventually so I am guessing these will also. Then there's the spot on my nose, the aching knee, slightly stiff neck ...................

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