Saturday, 18 February 2012

Angel of Death lands new top job.

Carole Heatly

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in June 2010, within the NHS Trust run by Carole Heatly. They nearly cost me my life! I eventually organised a demonstration outside the hospital which was covered full page in the Daily Mail and on the BBC & ITV. The Trust threatened me with legal action if I went ahead with the protest, and they also refused to hold talks with me regarding concerns about the hospital. The demonstration was so successful that all our demands were met and hits on this blog exceeded 20,000! Along with others at the time, Carole Heatly resigned, as her Trust went from bad to worse. It was and still is, a failing organisation, constantly in the news with bad story after bad story. BUT, here is a link to this weeks story in the Cumberland News... 

It was only after reading this article that I found out that she now has a plum job in New Zealand! I was flabbergasted!! Didn't her new employers ask for references? How is this possible? She did an awful job here in Carlisle, and was the head of our trust when some very questionable things happened, resulting in lives being lost. 
I was eventually treated at Addenbrookes in the south of England, and am now luckily in remission. I continue to campaign to remove the 'Carole Heatly Team' and we are on the brink of success. Most people who worked under her have gradually resigned in the past 18 months. But, she can't possibly have been appointed on merit, so who did she know who landed her that job without any checks on her competence.