Sunday, 13 September 2020

Retiring from 'Prostate Cancer World' as my blog passes 300,000 hits!


Hello everyone,

It's now 11 years since robotic surgery and even though I check my PSA annually, it remains undetectable. I've decided to take a break from Prostate Cancer and let others take over, after all, technology has moved on and I'm a bit of a dinosaur in that field now. That said, I'll always be here if you want to get some worries off your chest, and I'm still contacted frequently by newly diagnosed men and their wives. is the quickest way to catch me, I'll always reply! 


I have a new interest, and if you'd like to follow me, come on...

I founded a FREE Facebook Group in 2016 called 'Sober Inspired Pirates'

We are based on a fleet of Pirate Ships and I'm Captain of the main ship, Freedom. 

Many of the crew have given up alcohol, but a large percentage haven't. It's all about exploring your relationship with alcohol and deciding what's best for you. We have some great interactions and lots of fun in a completely non-judgmental environment.

With nearly 6,000 members from a worldwide audience, we're growing fast.

If you'd like to help by becoming a Patron, please find out more at: