Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Blog update & my letter in this Saturday's 'News & Star'.

Plans for our Expedition to Romania are advancing well, and any donations, be it in advice, equipment or money, are all still very welcome. 
A massive thank you to the names on the Blog wall who have already helped us over the £600 mark. Also a massive thanks to the Prostate Cancer Charity & The University of Cumbria for their extremely generous and continued help.

My plans are also very advanced to help the North Cumbria NHS Trust do the decent thing and resign before they cause any more damage. As reported last week,(scroll down to see article) the Unions at the hospital have given an overwhelming vote of 'no confidence' in the Trust, the public don't want them at the hospital anymore, and after talking to staff at the hospital recently, one nurse said, "I can't believe that NHS Trust members still walk around the building without masks on!" We have some of the finest doctors and nurses in that hospital who are being managed by very less capable individuals. Will you march to save our hospital?

News & Star this weekend...

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