Monday, 12 May 2014

PSA blood test time...

Already had the 3 year 'all clear' back in November so now it's the 3 and a half year check and the first one I'm having outside the UK.

PSA blood test UK…
You phone the surgery and make an appointment with the nurse, usually about a week ahead. You arrive at the surgery and are usually still sitting there an hour after your due appointment. When the blood has been taken they tell you to phone in about 3 days. You phone and it's rarely ready so you phone again and maybe again. Finally they tell you (hopefully) it's all clear.

PSA blood test South Africa…
I walked into the surgery today and asked if I could make an appointment to have a PSA blood test. The nurse said yes, come in and I'll do it now. What? As soon as I'd had it done a doctor came to see me, asked for my mobile number and said he'd call me tomorrow with the result! 

There's a 92% chance at this stage that it will be still all clear, but the tension is always the same waiting for that result, and I guess it always will be.

Paul, I hope your PSA's are still undetectable and with a Gleason 6 you only have a 5% chance of recurrence.

Andre, keep going for these tests every year, don't get complacent and think it will never happen to you.

I wish you both well.

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