Monday, 14 July 2014

If you are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in Cumbria 2014...

North Cumbria University Hospital's Trust has just been inspected and it's not a good read. See full report here REPORT
It ranked very well on 'caring', but caring isn't enough when you might have something life threatening.

So, what if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and you live in Cumbria.
The message is still the same as when I was diagnosed in June 2010 at the Cumberland Infirmary by Mr Bashir. Get the hell out of there!

You are allowed to go to any hospital in the UK for treatment but you should research well before making that choice. I went to Addenbrookes, undoubtedly one of the finest specialist hospitals in this field.

There are others in London, Birmingham and Manchester, but do your homework as your life expectancy could depend on it.

Be careful when asking your own doctor for advise, they are highly unlikely to recommend you leave the local trust for treatment. They have a vested interest in supporting their colleagues, often friends at the local hospitals. 

If in doubt, please contact me and I'll talk you through this. It's when you are first diagnosed that you are most vulnerable, but it's also the time you have to make crucial decisions.

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