Monday, 15 August 2016

Vitamin D and prostate cancer

Supplements are usually a great thing for everyone, especially for patients with specific diseases such as prostate cancer. Not all supplements are right for every person since each patient, disease, and individual are different, but vitamin D tends to bring benefit to whoever takes it.
Vitamin D is one of the easiest vitamins we can get access to, and for free since it comes from the sun. But even when the sun shines, some places in the world have less access to it than others, which can explain why in some places, prostate cancer develops more often than in others. To understand better the benefits of vitamin D, watch this video shared by the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, where you can listen to Dr. Charles Myers, a medical oncologist and prostate cancer patient, talk about the use of vitamin D, how patients can benefit from it and how its deficiency can worsen patients’ health condition.

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