Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November is PSA time, but not this year...

Every November and May since 2011 I've been for my PSA test, so why not this month?

Well, one of my friends Simon went on to annual blood testing 3 years after surgery, because as he said, "I won't allow cancer to dominate my life". I admired that but didn't have the courage to follow him. 

So what's changed? 

I asked my doctor in the UK to send through my PSA results from before surgery. 
As you can see near the bottom of the table, March 2008: 1.8 followed by May 2010: 4.2, an overall rise of 2.4 in 26 months. In prostate cancer terms that's not bad. It means my PSA doubling rate was well over a year, and that's a good indication of what it would be should I have a recurrence. I have my 65th birthday coming up, then there's a trip of a lifetime to India, and Christmas, so why risk the 8% chance of feeling bad before all that, when it can wait until January. 

In January I will go for my PSA test, but this time it will be different. From then on, I will go once every year, every January, after Christmas. I won't allow cancer to dominate my life

One day I might have to meet that old friend again, but not yet, not yet.

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