Thursday, 4 October 2018


This does it for me, it says it all! This should be shown in all schools at a very early age.

'Greed' has taken over! Personal, business, government, a festering swamp full of the world's most ugly people. 

I've witnessed it this year when a close friend died, leaving a small fortune to his daughter. She, in turn, wasn't prepared to give a penny to help her father's widow, now living in dire poverty in a very poor country. 

I saw it with the banks, who in the past decade, pillaged our society only to be rewarded with bonuses, bailouts, and knighthoods.

We see it in almost every oil-rich country that has a starving population, because only a few, the most powerful, the greediest...


Greed! - the biggest problem that mankind faces today!

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