Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I have been away on holiday, camping in Cornwall and Devon, what glorious places. The Moors, the coastline, the tourists and the constant drizzle of rain :-) Oh I loved it!

I have now exchanged several letters with the Trust over the past 2 weeks, I was going to put the correspondence all here on the Blog, but should I? You know when the Prime Minister is asked a question in the House, and a simple 'yes' or 'no' would do? Well you can guess what the replies are like.

I tried to put all of my questions in a very simple manner, often requiring a 'yes' or 'no' answer, but the replies often went into so much detail that by the time I had finished reading one, I'd forgotten the question I had asked!

We achieved about 85% of what we wanted up to the point of the protest anyway, and I suppose that went to 95% after the exchange of the recent letters.

The Trust have apologised in private to me but are completely unwilling to give a public apology. You would expect that, wouldn't you? Arrogance is a hard thing to kick off when you've had it for so long.

What now? We must continue to monitor OUR hospital in every possible way. The people who run it now still truly believe that it is THEIR hospital, and that we the patients are just an inconvenience that they have to put up with.

Along with my many followers, I will be watching and waiting to help others who might have problems at this and other hospitals. Along with the 1000's of supporters in this group, many who work inside the NHS, we can be ready to act in support of our community hospital, if the members of the North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust step out of line again. Rest assured that there will be no complacency in that building for a good while.

Many of you met Patrick from 'Civility' at the demonstration. Have a look at this article on their website, you might need them one day.
Case #1 - victory for Dan!

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  1. Very well done Daniel. I would have liked to hear a public apology. I believe that they owe that to you and the British public who pay them and have put so much "trust" in them. As I said earlier, in a more honourable age they would have been expected to go into the library with a pistol! It would be nice to hear, in more detail, what you think has been gained. Congratulations for sticking it out in the lion's den!