Friday, 5 August 2011

I've had a response from the North Cumbria NHS Trust this afternoon which I consider derisory. At this rate we are moving towards a far larger demonstration than last time and one that will no doubt involve staff from within the hospital. I have set a date for Monday 22nd August and will inform the police that numbers will be in excess of 100 this time. I promised dialogue with the Trust before the next demonstration, so I will reply to their communication over this weekend. I find it hard to believe that with the support of both the local MP's, John Stevenson and Rory Stewart, and their own CEO saying that "this could have been handled very differently", that they now feel free to insult us with almost an 'action replay' of their first action plan. They are also not inclined to give a public apology! Why? I would if I had messed up as badly as they have!

I was at the hospital today on an appointment (9.40am). I was told that the Trust believe that "I can't do them any more damage than I have"! Do they seriously believe that this was about causing THEM damage? It was and still is all about improving our hospital; I don't care about them! If they still don't understand this then THEY must go.


  1. Right on Daniel, count me in!

  2. I hope they are still monitoring all this.

  3. Their paper thin commitment to patients makes me nauseous. How self absorbed can an organisation be???