Tuesday, 28 October 2014

PSA 4 year all clear...

Christmas has come early for me. I went to the doctors yesterday after having problems with my heart all weekend. The ECG turned out fine, apparently 10% of the 'elderly' population experience what I had. 'Elderly'? Am I? The pulse was regular but every so often I was missing a beat. Sometimes after 2 or 3 beats, other times after nearly a minute, but I could feel it in my chest, though there was no pain. The doctor sent for a thyroid blood test so while we were at it, may as well have the PSA done, be it a few weeks early.

The all clear came through at 6pm from the surgery…same feeling of delight that I've experienced 8 times now since surgery. The hours of dread before hand are the same and I feel sorry for Beverley putting up with me during that time.

So I'm clear until May 2015 until we do it all again. No announcements on Facebook this time as there are people I know who have been far less fortunate than me, going through the mill right now. I pray for them in my own way, wishing I could do something, anything to help.

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