Saturday, 14 November 2015

Some weeks nothing much happens...

You get those weeks, don't you? Sunday comes and you look back to last week and it's fairly blank. Did I live? Did I work all week? Was it same old, same old?

This week I went to so many places and did so many things, my head can't take it all in. I'm absolutely knackered. China Town, India Town, Sikh Temple, Buddhist Shrine, Lebanese and Thai Restaurants, it never seemed to end. 2 days on a Grammar refresher course with Soda from Cambodia, Michael and Jack from the States, Tanita from Australia and Dawn from England. I wished them well as they start their CELTA tomorrow. I start mine early January and hope to qualify as an English Teacher in early February, teaching adults of mixed nationalities. 

Great, no, AMAZING  news from the UK about my late Mother's estate. At last we are going to see some justice from a process that's dragged out for nearly 2 years. 

My PSA result returning another zero, though sad news for others not so lucky. I always think and wish the best for them all, feeling guilty and relieved at the same time.

Paris? What the hell went on there? Organised religion showing it's ugly face again. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families as they try and cope with this.

My guess is that I'll never have a week in Bangkok where 'nothing much happened'. 
It's crazy here in a lovable way, and yes, this week, I'm lucky, I lived. 

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