Sunday, 8 November 2015

No Ace today...

5 years since surgery and my PSA was checked in Bangkok today. After diagnosis in June 2010, I would have settled for being here 5 years later in this crazy city that we both love.

My odds of a bio-chemical recurrence at this stage are just over 8%. That's like putting 12 cards on a table every 6 months and drawing one. Ace of spades and you go down a different route, but you get 11 fresh cards every time, which I think are decent odds.

Today I picked from the pack for the twelfth time and hey, I missed that card again. PSA ZERO for the twelfth time since surgery.

In the UK it takes 3-5 days to get the result back, so I was impressed when they could do it next day in South Africa. However, in Thailand, I gave blood this afternoon and then enquired how long for the result. I was ready to put it on my phone diary, but the nurse said 1 hour! I had to check my understanding, after all, when I enquired at a supermarket a few months ago when they would be getting new stock in, the guy said 7 years, but he meant 7 days. No mistake, an hour later the lab report was in my hand. Relax until May now, or should I take a chance and leave it a year?

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