Sunday, 13 March 2016


It's only a week, but it hangs in the air,
The evenings are lonely without you here.
The lizards are fine, and so is the cat,
Well he keeps me company, I imagine that!

Eating for one is not much fun,
So I eat for two, remembering you.
I hear the air-con, it's my best friend,
Less fortunates outside rely on the wind.

6 days to go, you'll fly back to me,
I'll follow the flight as it crosses the sea.
I'll watch your plane land, as I always do,
I'll be at the gate to help you through.

We'll both go home, where we're never alone,
You'll walk in, and the lights will come on.
The feeling I have now will drift away,
You'll be here, and all will be well.

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