Thursday, 26 August 2010

Had a great E Mail today from Steve at Radio Cumbria. He thinks the blog is, "fantastic" and wants to do a small serialisation on the  'Teatime Show'. Isn't that just great? We could now reach out beyond family and friends and try and support so many other people.

My IT trainer, Jason was here this morning and he suggested putting this little link on every blog entry. It's a quick and private way to E Mail me, so I thought I would give it a try.
Click on here to E Mail Daniel 
I'll know if it works if someone e mails (hint!)

So many of you have asked so here is a small photo of 'The Tree'. I know, you expected something more beautiful, but it is a nice tree and it's not ready to die anytime yet!

'The Tree'

Beverley is down in Carnforth again today taking the second part of her 'Advanced Diver' qualification. Before she left she put tonight's dinner in the 'slow cooker', she said it was faster than me. What did she mean? I had a fish finger sandwich with tomato sauce for lunch, I was comfortable with that.

I will get a phone call from my daughter Sasha in about 2 hours, either saying she has passed or failed her driving test. I passed mine fourth time! The first time I just wasn't ready and I was too nervous. The second time I was trembling as I drove the car out of the test centre, so much that I couldn't keep the accelerator still and the car was juddering. The third time the doctor gave me some Valium, I told him I was scared of flying! As I staggered to the car, the examiner asked me if I had taken any drugs. I told him I needed to take Valium because I couldn't stop shaking. He failed me without even letting me into the car; what a cheek! The fourth time, I took just half a Valium and passed, but I have no memory of the drive and fell asleep on a nearby park bench just after the test. Fingers crossed for you today Sasha xxx

I am sending Dr Lukose a 'thank you' card today, he is the doctor who decided to examine me back in May, even though he didn't have to. You need a PSA of 4.9 to get a referral and mine was only 4.2. Thanks to him I now have a future. But when you go to card shops, they don't have a, 'Thank you for saving my life' card do they? You can get a, 'Welcome to your new home' or 'congratulations on passing your exams' card, and I even saw a 'sorry your pet has died'.

I am going to try doing a video blog in the next week or so, just to see how frightening it is eeeek! I've done a few practise sessions and wow it's not easy. The hardest bit is looking at that small glass dot on my lap top and realising that I will be talking to potentially over a hundred people. Then you get half way through and you just run out of stuff to say. It's easy when you write it, you can just take a break, but this is making me more nervous than a wedding speech, and I've had some practise at those! Any advice, apart from don't do it?

Just had a call back from Steve at Radio Cumbria, nice guy. I am going into the radio station in Carlisle tomorrow to record some of the blog. Now I need a drink!

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