Monday, 3 November 2014

Help to improve life in a remote Zimbabwean village...

Freedom, here with his wife Sylvia, are a very hard working couple who we have known since we arrived in Johannesburg. They chose to come to South Africa so that they could earn enough to improve life for their families back home. 
We are helping them to raise the £220 they need to set up their own painting and construction company, covering registration, equipment, business cards and flyers. Their current joint income helps to supports Makaza village in Zimbabwe, but the extra income they could make from registering and establishing their own company would make a massive difference to that community. It would enable them to employ fellow Zimbabweans who would also be able to return money home to their families. I'm hoping that some of my Facebook, blog followers and other friends might give a small amount, which I will match £1 for £1 to reach the target. Please e-mail me at if you would like to help change the lives of Freedom & Sylvia, and in turn, help the people of Makaza Village.

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