Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My daughter diagnosed her own brain tumour after being turned away by numerous doctors...

A hard hitting but great comment to my blog on Monday 10th November, from my lovely daughter Lucienne, who eventually 'self diagnosed' her own brain tumour, after doctors and specialists that she went to for help, repeatedly turned her away...

"The sad thing is it happens all over the world Dad, to people with all types of conditions! Take me for example.. 5/6 GPs told me I was 'unlucky, depressed or paranoid' and 'over using the internet and believing it blindly' .. Turned out I was right though didn't it!

But I watched it wreck my body for 5/6 years before even one GP would listen to me, believe I did 'have a rare illness being caused by a brain tumour' .. Heck.. I had to move to London to find that!

Fact is, I think we have generations of doctors who graduated with second rate grades, possibly just to appease their parents & what was expected of them, they have no bedside manner whatsoever, no 'caring calling' bringing them into their careers, probably more so financially and status driven. They then go on (with their 60% knowledge Uni pass rates) to tell us that we aren't qualified to have an opinion. That my medical education, if not stamped by a university, is simply inadmissible, & probably just pure hypochondria. 

I for one am disgusted, not at the NHS, but at the audacity of these narrow minded individuals who still seem to live in this 'God complex' where their word is gold, & you are a brainless idiot who is incapable of reading medical research papers, and studying the same information as they have.. News flash, In the case of a GP, that's not hard. Most of them have only heard of rare illnesses in passing at Uni (how many years ago??!) or maybe if you're lucky it was focused on for a few weeks/months? Well guess what.. I spent 6 years reading about one rare illness, & it's studies, & it's biochemistry, from reputable sources, so I think that qualifies me just a little bit to have an opinion. And at least request to be heard, and to have a blood test run which costs peanuts!

Don't get me wrong, we still have some great GPs out there. But it's a dying race, and by the looks of it, along with the NHS."

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