Friday, 2 October 2015


Have you heard of 'MeetUp'?

In the UK I never found reason to search for a group like this, because you can go for a walk most places at any time, with very little chance of your safety being in danger.

In Johannesburg, if you fancied a nice walk in the countryside, going with 20 other people was about the only way to guarantee your security. Even then, one of our groups with over 20 people in were held up by 2 armed men and robbed.

In Bangkok, you are safer walking out alone than even in the UK, so why join MeetUp?
Well, it's a great way to make new friends, which otherwise, you might have never met.

When I arrived here a couple of months ago, Beverley soon started work and the plan was that I started a CELTA course which would have qualified me to teach English. I injured my back and couldn't start the course, so I became a 'house husband'. For 40 years of my life I had been the 'bread winner', now here I was, ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking; bored doesn't cover it. As we live in a Thai area, very few people speak English, and if I was to not go stir crazy, or worse, slip into depression, I had to do something.

I started the 'Bangkok English Speakers Lunch Group'. I wanted to be at home in the evenings and had no problem occupying my time on the weekend, with endless sightseeing in Bangkok. Monday to Friday, I needed to look forward to more, and I was sure there would be other people in my position.

We have had 4 meetings to date at different venues and some first class lunches, mainly less than £3. There are 131 people  signed up, but I limit the lunch group to around 16, first come, first served. Nationalities so far have been Thai, USA, Dutch, Canadian, English, Finish, French, Philippine, the list just grows. Age group from teens to, well, probably me. We are from all walks of life, and some extremely interesting people, many who are quickly becoming good friends.

If you want to start a MeetUp group, whatever country you're in, go to...

You can either organise your own group or join many of the dozens of existing groups in your area.
Don't worry, you'll be guided through the whole process and believe me, it could transform your week.

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