Sunday, 17 December 2017

The State of Cancer

I received this e-mail from Healthline (USA) who have been tremendously supportive of my blog over the past 3 years.

I am happy to share their recently published report on 'the state of cancer' and I'm sure you'll find it very beneficial reading, whether for yourself, a friend or family member.....

Dear Daniel,

As a major source of inspiration, information, and support for cancer patients and those who love them, Prostate Cancer - Our Journey is changing the way individuals relate to their cancer. 

Healthline understands this because we recently published a report on the State of Cancer, an in-depth research report and thorough survey complete with clear statistics and infographics. Prostate Cancer - Our Journey helps by:

  • Providing answers and support: 74% of newly diagnosed individuals went online to find answers within one week of diagnosis. Many of those people searching for answers and support found you.
  • Breaking through the “doctor speak”: several patients interviewed noted that they felt more anxious about their condition after talking to their doctors, and turned to the internet to find understanding.
  • Building long-term community: 59% of millennials & 51% of Gen Xers stay engaged in groups after remission.

When individuals get diagnosed, they turn to you for information. The more information you can provide, the stronger a resource you can be for those who look to you. With this end in mind, would you consider sharing our State of Cancer report with your readers?

Healthline wants to thank you for participating in the sharing of information and empathy. We hope we can continue to work together to make the world a stronger, healthier place. 

In health,

Shelby Drabot
Outreach Coordinator

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