Sunday, 25 March 2018

Joe Bakhmoutski - Simplify Cancer

Within the 'World Cancer Community,' you'll often come across some extremely interesting and dedicated people, who after diagnosis give up a large amount of time to help others. One such person, Joe Bakhmoutski, lives in Melbourne and contacted me recently to record a podcast, which I was only too happy to do. It was rather strange going over what happened over 7 years ago, but it also brought home to me how lucky I was and still am to be here in this wonderful world. 
You can listen to the recording on Joe's website here...
In his interview with me, he starts...
In this episode, I’m talking to Daniel Sencier who shares his perspective in battling prostate cancer, dealing with a broken health system and finding new meaning and a new way of life despite cancer. Here’s what you're going to find out in this interview:
  • The hammer-blow of your diagnosis
  • How to deal with a broken system if you fall through the cracks
  • Why starting a blog can help you deal with cancer
  • The importance of gathering the facts about your cancer
  • Why some folks disappear from your life when they find out about your cancer
  • Starting a new way of life with cancer

Click here to visit... Joe's Blog
He also wrote a book, a very worthwhile read...

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