Monday, 22 November 2010

Oh OK maybe one last Blog before I travel tomorrow. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have sent me their best wishes, both in person and by other media. I try and imagine what it would be like without all this support and it would feel like a very lonely place. I can't reply to everyone because there is still so much to do today. I've got a couple of big baggy trackie bottoms for comfortable wear after the operation, but just realised I haven't got any trainers to go with them. You wouldn't wear shoes would you? I've also got a meeting with the 'Risk Manager' of the NHS Trust locally at 4.30pm then a press phone call session after that.

I tried bidding on E Bay for the first time last night. I was allowed to bid in £10 amounts but is it all a fix? Thinking I had won the bidding and with two seconds to go, I was pipped by someone who bid some crazy number like £5.27. How is that possible; anyone know? There I was thinking I had got my 500mm lens for £530.00 :-(

Here's a few more photos ...............

All I did to get those seagulls was buy a bag of chips and Beverley just kept throwing them up in the air! The chips that is!!

You won't be able to reach me by phone between 7am Wednesday morning and 5pm Thursday night, but call Beverley for the latest news. I hope to be able to do a Blog by Friday so will catch you up on the news then. Best wishes to everyone..............

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