Saturday, 29 January 2011

Next trip down to Addenbrookes is on Thursday 10th March for another PSA blood test. If that looks good then it could be years before I see the hospital again, if ever! I'll visit my brothers Paul and Andre, and maybe even see my sister Jacqueline. We've started talking a bit more lately and that's been a bonus in all this. People often say 'life's too short' but it only takes on real meaning when you are faced with a possible end to it!

Had a great walk today on the fells, first going up Haystacks and then Fleetwith Pike near Buttermere. Only fell once! God I was knackered at the end but it was so worth it to be up there. On the way up I didn't think I could make it, but I kept thinking of all those poor guys back at Addenbrookes who had been taken over by this disease. I was lucky enough to possibly be cured of it, so I would do it for them, and because I still could. Have a look at the photos on Facebook.

Went to the support group meeting on Wednesday where the main argument revolved around whether we should be called a 'support' or an 'awareness' group. My argument was that people who have the disease will show up at a support group, but who's going to turn up just to be made aware, if they haven't got it? Prostate Cancer is something that just turns up one day if you are unlucky. People rarely go and get the simple blood test, a test that could save their life, because they all believe that 'it will never happen to me'.

I've now missed so much time at Uni that I have almost £500 on my Cumbria Card. That means I have almost £500 to spend in the canteen on lunches before the end of June, and I am only there 3 days a week. (and the food is subsidised!) Anyone know any starving people?

It's all kicked off in Egypt this week! They want to get rid of the corrupt government that has been fleecing the population for the last 30 years. The government in this country are far cleverer than that! They just stay in power permanently, and every 5 years we have a general election where we think we have voted a new government in, when in reality, it's the same lot with different faces! A very clever concept, an amazingly disguised system where the same people rule whilst pretending to be three different parties!

One daughter starting a new job on Monday, one moving to another country, one wanting to remain anonymous and the other two watching crap TV all week, I guess! Well I've been through all those stages many times, haven't we all? As for me next week? It's catch up time ..................

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