Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Well I guess that if you know me on Facebook or you're in my phone book or email, you already know the fantastic, fabulous news that I received at Addenbrookes yesterday..........

They had removed the tumours with a clear margin, so there were no reasons to suspect that I was anything but cured at this stage!
Nemish Shah-The brilliant surgeon, who with his team saved my life.

To say I was ecstatically happy would be the understatement of the year, though this feeling has started to grow only today, because yesterday I was still in shock. Yes, for once since June 18th, I was in shock with good news, but it beats the hell out of being in the other type of shock!

What now? Well I had a blood test yesterday, to check my PSA level. I get the result on Friday by phone. If it is at or around zero, then there is no sign of cancer and the test will be repeated every 3 months for the next 2 years, before dropping off to every 6 months for 5 years, or until my blood runs out!
If it is not zero, then they will wait another 3 months and try it again, because after surgery it is not uncommon for a slightly raised PSA as it is still in the system. If it were still raised then, they might have to go for radiotherapy to mop up those rogue cells on the operation sight. This is all highly unlikely at this stage, so I am not unduly worried.

Beverley's Dad's funeral was on Friday, a beautiful, very sad, dignified event. It's a bit too personal to go into detail here, but she was very brave. Here's a little tribute to Beverley's Mum & Dad........
Jeffrey & Pauline
We travelled south on Saturday, visiting Lincoln Cathedral on the way to Addenbrookes; wow, what a place! Well yes, both actually! I said a little prayer there, feeling a bit of a cheat, because like many of us, we only think we need God when our ship is going down. 

My good friend Andrew, who is a Minister at an RAF base in East Anglia, said prayers with his colleagues for me on Monday morning. Well it worked Andrew! Thank you! Now we are both official members of the 'Prostate Cancer Survivors', and long may we both live! I hope the Official Secrets Act didn't mind me giving that degree of accuracy to your location?

Wow...just had a call from Claire, the Urology Nurse at Addenbrookes, my PSA is less than 0.1
That's the all clear official now, but it's good that I will be monitored for life!

Happy Birthday to my son Kyle today, hope you have great day!

Where does the blog go from here you ask? I'm not sure! Do I end it? It's become part of my life! I could make it monthly, I just don't know. What would you do?

Back to Uni on Thursday with a fresh spring in my step.....did this really all happen to me?
So many people have been so supportive to me since last June and I couldn't begin to name everyone but a massive thank you to you all. I quickly learnt that cancer survival is not just about beating the disease, it's winning the battle in your head also. I could easily have lost that battle, and no matter how small your contribution has been, put together with everyone else, you made the difference that kept me going.

Now where was I............?

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